Founding principles

Research group as a platform for collaboration

Moving away from a pyramidal structure, the PiMPaM group offers a collaborative environment in which their senior members can develop their own ideas and research lines with a high degree of independence. Each senior member of the group is encouraged to seek funding for their own lines of research. The structure of the group will cohere through the network of collaborations that emerges from this organizational model.


Our commitment is always to guarantee the veracity of the data we publish. The concepts and conclusions that we present will always be endorsed by observations made without the bias of assumptions prior to the research. We will honor our commitments, even when they cease to be advantageous to us. We will treat our collaborators with the loyalty that a friend is supposed to.

Scientific promiscuity

In the task of looking for solutions and in the search for new concepts, we will not be limited by the borders established between fields of science. We will always be willing to learn new techniques or methodologies without committing ourselves to any discipline. Our vision is science in a wide perspective.

Social responsability

Our work as researchers will always aim to improve people's lives and, therefore,  we refuse to direct our efforts towards activities that may result in the suffering of any of our fellow human beings, whatever would be their origin or provenance. Moreover, we will maintain the commitment to responsibly use the funds and resources that public or private entities invest in our activity.

Science for the people

From a basic or applied perspective, our work will be aimed at real problems and social needs. Without renouncing to basic research, our intention is that society receives a return for the investment made in our work.

Care for our workteam 

Although the research is carried out with the passion of a vocational activity, the effort of the people who carry out this work must be valued. Therefore, everything possible will be done to create a healthy work environment in which respect and collaboration will prevail. Researchers in training will be mentored so that their work in the research group launches their job prospects.

Sharing of knowledge as global and local service

From a global perspective, the knowledge generated in the research group will be shared by being published without delay in the widest possible international forums, which in most cases will involve the publication of articles in journals with the greatest possible impact. From a local perspective, the members of the group will participate in teaching and outreach activities with the responsibility of sharing science as an intellectual asset. In one way or another, our intention is to share with society, beyond the walls of laboratories and universities, scientific knowledge as a cultural heritage.

Search for novelty

The impact of the discoveries that are made depends on their novelty. For this reason, our commitment is to dedicate our efforts to carry out original research in the quest of nerw concepts and discoveries  avoiding incremental works that simply increase the background noise in specilized literature.