Recent Publications 



Electroactive sulfur-rich materials obtained via inverse vulcanization of a diallylsilyl-functionalized ferrocene  M Vera-Tuset,  R Mas-Ballesté, I Cuadrado, A Moya, S BruñaPolymer Chemistry, 2024, DOI: 10.1039/D3PY01283B 


Engineering photocatalytic porous organic materials for directing redox vs energy transfer processes A López-Magano, X Solans-Monfort, N Salaverri, L Marzo, R Mas-Ballesté, J Alemán;  RRL Solar 2023, 2300768. 

Structural insights into hybrid immiscible blends of metal-organic framework and sodium ultraphosphate glasses;  A M. Chester, C Castillo-Blas, R Sajzew, B P. Rodrigues, R Mas-Balleste, A Moya, J E. Snelson, S M. Collins, A F. Sapnik, G P.Robertson, D J.M. Irving, L Wondracze, D A. Keen and T D. Bennett; Chem. Sci., 2023, 14, 11737–11748 

Chiral Porous Organic Frameworks: Synthesis, Chiroptical Properties, and Asymmetric Organocatalytic Applications;   M Sánchez-Fuente, J L Alonso-Gómez ,L M. Salonen , R Mas-Ballesté, A Moya; Catalysts 2023, 13(7), 1042. 

Stabilized chiral organic material containing BINAP oxide units as heterogeneous asymmetric organocatalyst for allylation of aldehydes;  M Sánchez-Fuente, A López-Magano, A Moya, R Mas-Ballesté; ACS applied materials & interfaces, 2023, 15 (25) 30212–30219 

Recent Advances in the Use of Covalent Organic Frameworks as Heterogeneous Photocatalysts in Organic Synthesis; A López-Magano, S Daliran, A Oveisi, R Mas-Ballesté, A DhakshinamoorthyJ Alemán, R Luque , H Garcia; Advanced Materials, 2023, 2209475


Metal–organic framework (MOF)-, covalent-organic framework (COF)-, and porous-organic polymers (POP)-catalyzed selective C–H bond activation and functionalization reactions;   S Daliran, A Oveisi, Y Peng, A López-Magano, M Khajeh, R Mas-Ballesté, J Alemán, R Luque , H Garcia; Chemical Society Reviews, 2022, ,51, 7810-7882 

Nanotribology and electrical properties of carbon nanotubes hybridized with covalent organic frameworks; A Moya, J Alemán, J Gómez-Herrero, R Mas-Ballesté, P J de Pablo ; Carbon, 2022, 199, 80-86.

Synergistic Combination of Triazine and Phenanthroline Moieties in a Covalent Triazine Framework Tailored for Heterogeneous Photocatalytic Metal-Free C-Br and C-Cl Activation ;A López-Magano, N Salaverri, L Marzo, R Mas-Ballesté, J Alemán; Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, 2022, 121791.

Tuning the Activity–Stability Balance of Photocatalytic Organic Materials for Oxidative Coupling Reactions; A Jiménez-Almarza, A López-Magano, R Mas-Ballesté, J Alemán; ACS applied materials & interfaces, 2022, 14 (14), 16258-16268


Predesigned Covalent Organic Frameworks as Effective Platforms for Pd (II) Coordination Enabling Cross‐Coupling Reactions under  Sustainable Conditions; A López‐Magano, R Mas‐Ballesté, J Alemán Advanced Sustainable Systems, 2022 6 (3), 2100409 



Solvent-Free Visible Light Photocatalytic Oxidation Processes Mediated by Transparent Films of an Imine-Based Organic Polymer; M Sánchez-Fuente, A Jimenez-Almarza, J Alemán, R Mas-Ballesté; Catalysts, 2021, 11 (12), 1426.


Engineering covalent organic frameworks in the modulation of photocatalytic degradation of pollutants under visible light conditions; A Jiménez-Almarza, A López-Magano, R Cano, Borja Ortín-Rubio, D Díaz-García, Santiago Gómez-Ruiz, I Imaz, D Maspoch, R Mas-Ballesté, J Alemán; Materials Today Chemistry 2021, 22, 100548.


Photoredox Heterobimetallic Dual Catalysis Using Engineered Covalent Organic Frameworks; A Lopez-Magano, B Ortin-Rubio, I Imaz, Daniel Maspoch, J Aleman, R Mas-Ballesté; ACS catalysis 2021, 11 (19), 12344-12354.


Enantioselective Inverse-Electron Demand Aza-Diels–Alder Reaction: ipso, α-Selectivity of Silyl Dienol Ethers; V Laina-Martín, J Humbrías-Martín, R Mas-Ballesté, J A Fernández-Salas, J Alemán; ACS catalysis, 2021, 11 (19), 12133-12145.


Heterogeneous catalysts with programmable topologies generated by reticulation of organocatalysts into metal-organic frameworks: The case of squaramide; A Broto-Ribas, C Vignatti, A Jimenez-Almarza, J Luis-Barrera, Z Dolatkhah, F Gándara, Ir Imaz, R Mas-Ballesté, José Alemán, D Maspoch; Nano Research, 2021, 14 (2), 458-465.


Photocatalytic Oxidation Reactions Mediated by Covalent Organic Frameworks; J Alemán, R Mas-Balleste; Frontiers in Chemistry, 2021, 9, 476.



Visible light mediated photocatalytic [2+ 2] cycloaddition/ring-opening rearomatization cascade of electron-deficient azaarenes and vinylarenes; N Salaverri, R Mas-Ballesté, L Marzo, J Alemán; Communications Chemistry, 2020, 3 (1), 1-8 .


Incorporation of photocatalytic Pt (II) complexes into imine-based layered covalent organic frameworks (COFs) through monomer truncation strategy; A López-Magano, AE Platero-Prats, S Cabrera, R Mas-Balleste, J Aleman; Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, 2020 272, 119027.


Metal–organic frameworks (MOFs) and covalent organic frameworks (COFs) applied to photocatalytic organic transformations; A López-Magano, A Jiménez-Almarza, J Alemán, R Mas-Ballesté; 2020, Catalysts 10 (7), 720.


Enantioselective Aminocatalytic [2+ 2] Cycloaddition through Visible Light Excitation; T Rigotti, R Mas-Ballesté, J Aleman; ACS Catalysis 10 (9), 5335-5346.

Organocatalytic vs. Ru-based electrochemical hydrogenation of nitrobenzene in competition with the hydrogen evolution reaction; A Moya, JCreus, N Romero, J Alemán, X Solans-Monfort, K Philippot, J García-Antón, X Sala, R Mas-Ballesté Dalton Transactions, 2020, 49 (19), 6446-6456.


The role of catalyst–support interactions in oxygen evolution anodes based on Co (OH) 2 nanoparticles and carbon microfibers; L Mallón, N Romero, A JiménezAlmarza, E Martín Morales, J Alemán, R Mas-Ballesté, R Bofill, K Philippot, J García-Antón, X Sala; Catalysis Science & Technology ,2020, 10 (14), 4513-4521.


Multifunctional carbon nanotubes covalently coated with imine-based covalent organic frameworks: exploring structure–property relationships through nanomechanics; A Moya, M Hernando-Pérez, M Pérez-Illana, C San Martín, J Gómez-Herrero, J Alemán, R Mas-Ballesté, P J de Pablo; Nanoscale, 2020, 12 (2), 1128-1137.



Enantioselective Conjugate Azidation of α,βUnsaturated Ketones under Bifunctional Organocatalysis by Direct Activation of TMSN3; J HumbríasMartín, M C PérezAguilar, R MasBallesté, A Dentoni Litta, ALattanzi, G Della Sala, J A FernándezSalas, J Aleman; Advanced Synthesis & Catalysis, 2019 361 (20), 4790-4796.


ImineBased Covalent Organic Frameworks as Photocatalysts for Metal Free Oxidation Processes under Visible Light Conditions; A JiménezAlmarza, A LópezMagano, L Marzo, S Cabrera, R MasBallesté, J Aleman; ChemCatChem, 2019, 11 (19), 4916-4922.


Mesityl or Imide Acridinium Photocatalysts: Accessible Versus Inaccessible ChargeTransfer States in Photoredox CatalysisA Gini, T Rigotti, RPérez‐Ruiz, M Uygur, R Mas‐Ballesté, I Corral, L Martínez‐Fernández, V A De La Penã O'Shea, O García Mancheño, J Alemán; ChemPhotoChem, 2020, 3 (8), 609-611.

Chromoselective access to Z-or E-allylated amines and heterocycles by a photocatalytic allylation reactionA M Martínez-Gualda, R Cano, L Marzo, R Pérez-Ruiz, J Luis-Barrera, R Mas-Ballesté, A Fraile, V A O’Shea de la Peña, J Alemán; Nature communications, 2019, 10 (1), 1-10.

Ruthenium nanoparticles supported on carbon microfibers for hydrogen evolution electrocatalysisJ Creus, L Mallón, N Romero, R Bofill, A Moya, J LG Fierro, R Mas‐Ballesté, X Sala, K Philippot, J García‐Antón; European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry 2019 (15), 2071-2077.

Switching acidic and basic catalysis through supramolecular functionalization in a porous 3D covalent imine-based materialJ Luis-Barrerra, R Cano, G Imani-Shakibaei, J Heras-Domingo, J Pérez-Carvajal, I Imaz, D Maspoch, X Solans-Monfort, J Alemán, R Mas-Ballesté; Catalysis Science & Technology , 2019, 9 (21), 6007-6014.