19/06/2024: Congratulations Mario!!

A 5-year Ramón y Cajal excellence contract has been awarded to Mario Borlaf. This is an important achievement that we will celebrate together! 

30/04/2024: "hasta la vista" Miguel

Miguel is doing a 3 months research stay at the MaD Lab (Oregon State Univerity) under the supervision of profesor Kyriakos  C. Stylianou. In the picture we are saying to him "hasta la vista baby".

22/03/2024: PiMPaM lunch

All together before the Easter vacations. 

07/03/2024: Invited speaker: 

Arnau Carné  (UAB/ICN2): 

"Metal-Organic Polyhedra:

Porous nanoparticles with molecular reactivity"

16/02/2024: PiMPaM full of live!!!  Kick-off meeting of projects carried out by many undergraduate students 

29/09/2023: Invited speaker: 

Kyriakos C. Stylianou (Oregon State University): 

"Designing materials for photocatalysis"

20/07/2023: PimPaM ¡Toma paellita!

PiMPaM members and some friends (out of the picture) enjoyed a nice afternoon of "pinchos" and "Paella".  Unfortunately, Alicia was not able to come. We all send you lots of strength and encouragement.

17/07/2023: Research funds renewed

We have just been awarded a project presented in the last call for "Proyectos Generación de Conocimiento" from the Spanish government. In PHOTOCOF4WATER (ref. PID2022-141016OB-I00) we will carry out the synthesis and characterization of new covalent organic framework type materials, and we will study their applications for the photoremediation of contaminated water.  More Science is coming! 

25/04/2023: PhD defense of Alberto López

Alberto brilliantly presented the work that has made during the last years. Excellent work, presentation and experience!!

24/04/2023: PiMPaM first contract with industry

On 24th April 2023 we signed our first contract with an industrial partner. The company Galenicum trusted us to be one of their academic collaborators.  

16/12/2022: Invited speaker: 

Xavier Sala (Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona)

"Surface-functionalized nanomaterials for production of solar fuels". 

11/11/2022: Invited speaker: 

Laura Maria Salonen (Universidad de Vigo)

"Tailored Covalent Organic Frameworks for Catalysis and Capture of Water Pollutants"

27-30/06/2022: Group members in the Royal spanish chemical Society meeting

Rubén Mas Ballesté presentig his talk entitled "Covalent Organic Farmeworks under the spotlight"

Alberto López Magano giving his flash presentation entitled "Metalated Covalent Organic Frameworks as Sustainable and Robust (Photo)catalytic Platforms for C-C Couplings"

Miguel sánchez de la Fuente in front of his poster entitled  "Solvent-Free Visible Light Photocatalytic Oxidation Processes Mediated by Transparent Films of an Imine-Based Organic Polymer"

Together at the gala diner