Rubén Mas Ballesté

I was born in Barcelona, in 1975. I obtained my Bachelor’s degree in chemistry in 1998 at the “Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona”. Since then my scientific career can be explained according the following periods:

PhD (1998-2004): Completed at the "Autonomous University of Barcelona" under the direction of professors Pilar González-Duarte and Agustí Lledós. (UAB Scholarship). I worked on the study of the structure and reactivity of the compounds of the general formula [L2Pt(μ-S)2PtL2] 

Postdoc (2004-2007): Completed at the University of Minnesota, under the direction of Prof. Lawrence Que Jr. (Postdoc scholarship from Ministry of Education and Science). I worked on the design of Bio-inspired non-heme iron catalysts capable of performing chemical processes similar to those observed in nature by enzymes that catalyze the oxidation of organic substrates. 

Ramón y Cajal Researcher at the UAM (2008-2012): I focused my research in the area of nanomaterials. I started new research lines with the main objective of isolating, characterizing and applying 1D and 2D nanostructures. In particular, promising advances in the extraction of layers of a few nm of thickness from crystalline samples of various laminar organic polymers and the surface assembly of a 2D polyester polymer, observed by STM, are noteworthy. More recently, a method to obtain a new laminar porous organic polymer at room temperature and its subsequent surface ordering was published. 

Permanent Position at the UAM (2013- present): In the last part of my career I shared my interests between two different areas. On one hand, I collaborated on the mechanistic study of some molecular catalytic systems. Especially relevant is the work devoted to several photocatalytic transformations. On the other hand, I invested a significant part of my efforts in the quest of photo- electro- or organo-catalytic materials. In particular, several Carbon-based materials, Metal Organic Frameworks and Covalent Organic Frameworks were studied.

Current position: Associate Professor (Inorganic Chemisttry).

Total number of PhD thesis metored: 7 PhD thesis (one mor in progress). 

Total number of publications: 106 publications: (Original research papers: 89;   Review papers: 11; Book Chapters: 3; Patents: 3) h index= 36; Total Cites >5600 (Source: Google Scholar)

Alicia Moya Cuenca

I am a postdoctoral researcher, graduated in Chemistry from Universidad Complutense de Madrid in 2012 and with PhD in Material Science and Engineering from Universidad Politécnica de Madrid in 2017. During my PhD stay at IMDEA Materials and postdoctoral stages at Unviersidad Autónoma de Madrid and ISTerre-Université Grenoble-Alpes (Francia), I have developed a wide scientific network of international collaborators with world leading experts in different fields. I have gain experience in an exceptional combination of areas including synthesis of molecular materials and nanomaterials, electrochemistry, photo(electro)catalysis and multiple characterization techniques. In particular, I have widely used Atomic Force Microscopy and Raman spectroscopy for the study of different types of materials from carbon-based material to metal oxides or minerals. I am fully independent and actively brining new knowledge to colleagues. I enjoy working in a multicultural and collaborative environment.

Miguel Sanchez de la Fuente

I was born in Madrid, in 1997. I have been interested in sciences since I was young. I got particularly interested in Chemistry as I started highschool, and for that reason, I decided to start my university Chemistry degree in Universidad Autónoma de Madrid in 2015. During this period I also got in touch with other scientific areas, such as Physics or Biochemistry. When I finished, I specialized in Organic Chemistry; I really enjoyed the laboratory practical lessons in this area during my degree, so I wanted to go a step further in order to broaden my knowledge in Catalysis and Organic Synthesis. Once I completed my academic formation, I begun my PhD in the area of New Covalent Organic Materials mentored by Prof. Rubén Mas Ballesté, in Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, where I currently work on the design of new organic materials with many different applications. As another facts, I really enjoy spending my free-time with friends, travelling and trying new experiences. As Chemistry has been my principal academic interest, musical production is another of my great passions.

Former members

Alberto López Magano

Former PhD student and postdoc associate

Current position: Consulting agent at INCOTEC

(Master student)

Azza Mnakbi 

(Master student)

Nizar Chiboub 

(Undergrad student)

Eduardo J. Manrique